Professional Cooking Classes

Gain a unique food experience with our professional cooking classes

We are offering our students professional full time and part time cooking classes so they can pursue a career in the culinary industry with great education. Some of our cooking classes are also tailor designed to give you exactly what you need. The chef training courses that we offer are seriously for people who want to become professional chefs and excel in that area. From delicious recipes to modern and traditional cooking techniques, our instructors make sure to deliver every little knowledgeable thing to the students.

Our team of skilled chefs as instructors

No, we have no hired just anyone who loves food. We have professional chefs with decades of experience on our hand. Our cooking classes are a great way to learn besides industry leading popular celebrity chefs. Our instructors will teach you the basics if you are completely new to this department and will teach you the extensive cooking skills during the cooking classes if you already have an experience in this field.

What we are offering

We are honoured to offer you the following cooking classes:

  • Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

    For an exceptional and rich learning experience go for our ship’s cook certificate assessment. These cooking classes teach you how to become a chef on board and master your chef skills while traveling around.

  • Food Safety Level 2 Award

    Where there is food there must be cleanliness. If you are directly involved with food in any way, you will need to undergo our food safety course because of the standards set by the government of the UK.

  • Professional Culinary Diploma

    Who doesn’t value a professional chef? With our professional culinary diploma you can become a certified chef who everyone needs. The culinary industry has a lot of offer to the chefs of all kinds.

Jobs and apprenticeships

There are currently hundreds of chef jobs in London and all other parts of the UK. Some are posted through restaurants while some from private surroundings. Chef jobs can pay you up to £30,000 per annum which increases once your position gets a higher rank. Initially you can easily find a position as a junior chef but with time you can work hard to become a head chef very soon.

Finance options

We will be happy to fund your cooking classes with a 0% interest rate funding option.

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